Minecraft. Done differently. 

The preliminary PvP experience. 

You won't find our gamemodes anywhere else. 

Here at The Haven, we pride ourselves on being as original as possible - and when we say "original", we're not referring to a factions server that has custom cannon mechanics. We're talking about our one-of-a-kind gamemodes, such as Cookie Slap, Zero-Gravity PvP, Survival Games with Death Tokens... It's pretty neat. 

A user experience like no other. 

We made this server with the players in mind. 

When we made this server, we wanted to make a place that was oriented around the community. We're not interested in raiding your credit card... We want to give every player the best experience possible. Here on The Haven, you're bound to find the server easy to navigate and play on, and we're sure you'll fit in with the community of more than 2,000 people very well.

The Management Team

Some of the people who make things happen.




Creative Director / Manager