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Yes, you read the title correctly.

The Haven now supports Minecraft 1.7! However, there are still several bugs that will be smoothed out over the next few weeks. A list of issues is below, if you see any then please lemme know and I'll add it to the list!

  • Game mode update spam. A fix for this is ready, but won't be available until after the next server update.
  • The sidebar doesn't work fully. This will be fixed, pending a complete rewrite of the sidebar.
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Hello there!

This post marks our transition into the beta stage of The Haven. This post will be updated as parts of the server are transitioned for this.

The first stage of the transition to beta is the deletion of all bans, mutes and kick records on the server.
This has taken place. This is not to suddenly fill the server with hackers - this is because we have decided that we would like to start fresh with everyone now that we've entered beta. A lot of punishments were placed under unclear and invalid policies, and we'd like to fix that. :)

The second stage of the transition to beta is the opening of Haven Survival Games!
This has taken place. SG does not currently save stats - they won't be saved until after all the small bugs have been ironed out, so that none of you are affected by any stats-ruining bugs!

The third stage of the transition to beta is a /report command.
This has not taken place yet, however it will just after SG is released in public beta.

Thank you all so much for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to growing as a server and community with your support.

To all you naughty hackers, think of this as your second chance. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here and I'll be more than willing to help you.

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Hey y'all! Just figured I'd mention that we do have some exciting stuff coming soon. Yes, things have been a little bit quiet on the front end - most of the changes have been behind-the-scenes until this point. Making this post to mention that the Haven Survival Games is coming veeeery soon! We're almost at a stage where we can open it for testing, just got some small things to sort out and a little bit more work to do to make it as good as it can possibly be. :)

TL - DR; Haven SG is coming soon. Prepare you'selves. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Yeah you!

Have you longed for an ultra competitive experience?

Fight friend or foe in…

The Haven Championships!

Battle to the top of the leaderboards, and claim the title of the best around!

Will the server be chanting your name?

Click Here, if you are interested!

So Hyped.

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Hello there!

My name is Trop, and I am the Creative/Marketing for Haven Games. It seems that recently, the community has been suggesting a ton of great ideas. Which is great, but we had no way to handle or to manage these ideas. These ideas were unorganized and the community knew little about what was getting implemented. Now, that has changed. Welcome to Greatness or Haven's Hall of Ideas.

Check it out!